Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hints to prepare Interviews Jobs in Software industry

I want to highlight that How to prepare for Interviews.

If you want to go in Information technology or any other software field then good interview preparation is required . I want to give some tips how to prepare yourself.

1. First select your field where you want to put yourself for job.
2. Search interview question and answers from google ,bing or any other search engine.
3. Put all question and answer in single word documents.
4. Make good format and remove duplication of question and answers.
5. Get all question and answer from your colleagues and friends and also take question and answer which your friend attend interview already.
6. Do not forget to collect practical question and answers.
7. Take printout of your document and make a good book.
8. Read book on your blank time and keep book all the time with you so you will not forget to read.
9. You can read on travelling on bus,blank time on your study place etc.
10. If you finish your book one time then start to read it second time and do revision at least 10 time then automatically you will able to remember all answer.
11. Do rehearsal of important question . If you forget any answer then repeat many times to remember it. Feel confidence on every answer.
12. Then Do rehearsal of that type and judge yourself after giving answer if you feel you can select yourself then you can attend interview.
13. I am sure you will get good result.
14. More practice will increase confidence in you.
15. Remove your all type of hesitation before going to interview do not thing negative .